Richard Edlin, boat builder and designerMatakohe, North Auckland, New Zealand
Crewcial Fix - Continued from Pg2.

With its high topsides and for'ard flare, I imagine Crewcial Fix would be reasonably dry in a harbour chop.

The rig is a double-swept spreader configuration with jumpers and was made by JT Spars. A 30 degree spreader angle has reduced the need for running backstays but they are used as a trimming device. A set of lazy jacks have been fitted to make mainsail furling easier while cruising. Hull construction is 18mm cedar core, glassed inside and out with 17 and 22 ounce quadraxial glass respectively. Frame spacings vary from 250mm centres in the middle of the boat to one metre centres at the ends. The deck and cabin are constructed of 25mm foam, glassed inside and out with a 4mm layer of plywood on the inside to provide a good surface for finishing. Epiglass fairing and painting products were used exclusively and all paint work was done by Touch of Gloss Spray painters. The quality of finish on Crewcial Fix is high and reflects Edlin's enthusiastic approach. While not the hottest racer on the harbour or the most luxurious cruiser, this is a boat that has been designed as a compromise and will certainly fulfills its dual purpose role. Striking the correct balance between racing and cruising is a fine line but one Edlin has achieved through careful use of his options. 'A boat needs to be able to rattle off the miles under sail or motor and if it can do that and carry an interior then it's a good boat,' he explains. For a young designer, the temptation must be to try something different in an effort to be noticed but Edlin has wisely chosen to go with tried and tested methods. As a result he has created a boat that will not date easily and will hold a high resale value.

Credit must also go to Maddren who by his own admission was short on experience when he started the venture. The thrill he enjoyed upon completion of the project will pale by comparison to the satisfaction gleaned from future times on Crewcial Fix.

Galley storage scored highly

Rounded corners give the interior a soft, modern appearance.

Upwind the boat felt well balanced with plenty of drive

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